Collection: BULK Orders

Info for bulk orders: Orders will be 25 minimum to 100 maximum pieces  

Price: $15/reel (original $17). This will be the price regardless of how many pieces you purchase. Please know that I have calculated this based on the price of the product and my time spent creating and assembling these pieces 🫶🏼 $15 non refundable listing fee will apply towards the order.

Instructions: Checkout with "1 (ONE)" quantity for your bulk order. PLEASE make sure to have your email or IG name in your checkout information so I can contact you. I will send you an email or message within 24 hrs of purchase to confirm start of bulk order.

Please take down a list of which design and backing they would like (alligator or slide clip). You would collect the money first-and then we will communicate form of payment once I have packaged your order. I will ship these out ASAP via priority Mail! Please try to organize the list as clear as possible ❤️:


Red Bow x10

8 alligator, 2 slide

Gut x15

10 alligator, 5 slide

Due date: I would love to receive all the information within two weeks from date of purchase. 🥰

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